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Is My Business Eligible for the ERC?

You would be surprised of how many businesses think they do not qualify but in fact, majority of businesses do qualify!
If you had W2 Employees and had any type of disruption in your business during the pandemic, there is an extremely high chance of you qualifying.  Speak to one of our specialists today and find out if you qualify.


Eligibility Requirements

The requirements of employee retention credit (ERC) are simple, but their interpretation is quite complex. With our experience in ERC, we ensure that we maximize any qualifications available to your company.

You Must be a Business with W2 employees

To be eligible for the ERC, you must business with W2 employees during 2020 and or 2021.  You are eligible for the Employee Retention Tax credit if you had between 2-500 employees.

Decline or Increase in Gross Receipt

If you business had a decline in gross receipt during the 2021 calendar quarter, more than a 20% decline versus the same quarter of 2019, and a 50% decline in gross receipt in the 2020 calendar BUT if your business had a disruption and you had an increase in revenue, you still CAN qualify

Impacted Operations

Businesses impacted by the government orders due to COVID-19 pandemic, which caused limitations in meetings, commerce, and travel, are only eligible for ERC. The impacted parts of the businesses could be:

  • Your business operations
  • Interruptions in the supply chain
  • Inability to access equipment
  • Limited capacity to operate
  • Unable to work with vendors
  • Reduced work hoursy

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Let’s Get Your ERC Credits!  We are an agency of experts that help business owners claim their Employee Retention Tax Credit with the IRS.

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Let’s Get Your ERC Credits! We are an agency of experts that help business owners claim their Employee Retention Tax Credit with the IRS